Why attend

  • Absolute freedom

    Just start when you want and train without any limits. Gain valuable knowledge for free and level up your career.

  • 100% online courses

    Start instantly and learn at your own pace. Track your progress with the «My courses» tab and quickly continue where you left off.

  • Watch and train while on-the-go

    You can practice everything you've just learned. Train on products and test your knowledge with quizzes and tasks.

  • More practice, less talking

    Each video lasts only 4-12 minutes. A concise narrative allows you to devote more time to practice.

  • Animated explanations

    Train with fun. Join the community of professionals who will support you on your way to new achievements.

  • Become a certified specialist

    Earn industry-recognized certification to improve your ERP and business apps skills.

Academy courses

1C:Enterprise Developer

Start building better applications up to 2 times faster and give your clients unprecedented functionality and flexibility.

1C:ERP Fundamentals

Learn about the 1C:ERP functional capabilities and dive deep into implementation technics.

1C:Enterprise Certifications

Earn industry recognized certifications that will make you a specialist in 1Ci products based on platform using in 1.5 mln companies.

1Ci Academy now has 1C:Enterprise certifications available for passing. Viewing online courses is completely free, and certification attempts are paid. To find out the price for attempt, visit your personal account and check the Store tab.

Now we have two certification levels available: Junior and Senior. In order to be certified for one of these levels – visit Certifications page for successful passing, and, of course, take the lessons and go through the quizzes available for each module.

Your Tutors


  • Do I need to pay for training courses?

    1Ci courses are absolutely free. When you enroll in, you get access to all videos at once, but we highly recommend you follow the order in episodes.

  • Is it really 100% online course?

    This course is completely online, so there's no need to show up to a classroom in person. You can access videos anytime and anywhere via the web or your mobile device.

  • Do I have to take the training in a specific order?

    It is recommended that the course be taken in the order outlined in each course description.

  • What additional resources do I need?

    In order to follow training instructions properly be sure to download 1C:Enterprise Training version on our website. No other additional resources are needed.