About the course

Start building better applications, up to 2 times faster, and give your clients unprecedented functionality and flexibility.

Your journey as a 1C:Enterprise professional begins with the 1C Junior Developer level which teaches you the platform’s ropes and gives an exhaustive overview of its concepts, principals and architecture.

After completing the Junior course you will need to choose between two possible career paths: application development or devops.

Although nothing prevents you from taking both.

Choose your way

Developer Specialization

Developer specialization courses will guides you through complex real-life implementation tasks.
You will:

Wrap your head around advanced programming tools and techniques supported by the 1С:Enterprise.

Get a deep understanding of metadata classes 1C:Enterprise has in store for different functional areas like accounting, payroll, etc.

Learn how to implement complex access rights preventing users from working with data they are not supposed to acess.

There are 1C Senior Developer and 1C Architect courses you will have to take one after another.

DevOps Specialization

1C devops courses are for those who take care of the system after the application goes live.
Taking these courses you will learn:

How to install, setup and maintain live 1C systems in real life settings.

How to make application fast, reliable and scalable.

How to secure its safe and seamless evolution.

This specialization includes the 1C Engineer and 1C DevOps levels.

Level-up your business application development skills

You don't need to be a seasoned developer to take this course, but there are some prerequisites:

  • You have to be familiar with basic programming concepts and principles.

  • You should have some experience using any other programming language or framework.

  • You need to understand the basics of relational databases.

1С:Enterprise certifications

  • 1C Junior Developer

    Entry-level qualification that confirms basic knowledge of 1C: Enterprise and the necessary skills for unaided functionality customization or development according to a functional specifications document. 

  • 1C Senior Developer

    Confirms practical knowledge of all functions and capabilities of 1C: Enterprise and the experience in full-featured application development.   

  • 1C Architect

    Confirms professional skills required for a software architect or lead developer with the solid expertise in programming, team and project management, and version control.