What you get with certification

  • A permanent online certificate to showcase your 1С expertise that you can link to from your blog, website, or a social media profile.

  • Industry-recognized certification that demonstrates your expertise with the powerful 1C:Enterprise platform, used by 1.5 mln businesses.

  • Approved skills in developing business applications from basic order management apps to large-scale ERP systems for business automation that will enable you to better serve customers and find greater jobs.

How to get certified

Authorize or register

If you already registered in my.1ci.com you can enter your login details in academy authorization page, or if you don’t have an account, you can register here

Choose the appropriate certification

At the moment, we only have 1C Junior Developer certification available. Stay tuned for more levels coming soon. 

Watch videos and pass quizzes

Enroll for the course in what are you interested in and enjoy the training! Verify your knowledge with quizzes that follow each module. 

Train your skills

Be sure to train while taking courses! This is the key to successful certification! Download 1C:Enterprise training version here to try and see for yourself.  

Buy your certification attempt or use already purchased

You can check available certification attempts in your account. If you have purchased certification attempt - be sure that you are ready to start the timer. If you don’t have purchased an attempt yet - you can buy it in the online store.

Pass the certification exam

When you are ready to start your certification exam - make sure you have enough free time to complete the tasks inside the certification exam. When you click «Start Exam» - you will receive the information email with instructions and timer will start. Good luck!

Check your certificate in your account

After successfully passing the certification exam, you will see a link to an electronic certificate in your personal account, which you can attach to your CV or profile in social networks. Congratulations, you are now certified specialist!


  • How much does it cost?

    The price depends on the level, please check the store in your personal account at my.1Ci.com.

  • Does the certification ever expire?

    Yes, you need to confirm your level every 2 years. It happens because our platform and products constantly updated.

  • Can I take exam without viewing the course?

    Yes, if you have enough skills to pass the certification exam.

  • If I fail the exam will I have to pay again to retake it?

    Unfortunately, when you buy the certification attempt – it is only one attempt to pass the exam. But you can make an unlimited number of attempts within the allotted time.


1C Junior Developer

Entry-level qualification that confirms basic knowledge of 1C:Enterprise and the necessary skills for unaided functionality customization or development according to a functional specifications document.

1C Senior Developer

Confirms practical knowledge of all functions and capabilities of 1C: Enterprise and the experience in full-featured application development.

1C Architect

Confirms professional skills required for a software architect or lead developer with the solid expertise in programming, team and project management, and version control.

1C Engineer

Required for implementation engineers that install and configure small-scale 1C systems, perform necessary customization, adjustment and version upgrade according to customer requirements.

1C DevOps

Required for 1C administrators, DBAs, and QA engineers to confirm the necessary expertise in software quality control, analysis techniques and solving problems such as bugs, crashes, freezes, slow operation, etc.